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Kärcher BD 50/50 CBp

The NEW battery-powered 20" walk-behind scrubber drier is a perfect fit for contract cleaners, retail, school and healthcare cleaning needs. The easy to operate scrubber provides practical cleaning performance of 13,200 ft2/hour. The BD 50/50 C Classic features (2) 12V, 100 Ah AGM batteries with shelf charger, 20" disc brush, curved squegee, Home Base rail system and battery level and hour display. 3 modes of cleaning: Normal mode - Scrubbing and vacuuming. Intense mode - Scrubbing only. Vacuum mode - Vacuum only. Home Base rail allows user to attach manual cleaning tools for quick touch ups and less visits to the supply closet. Productive. Efficient and simple to operate.

Brush head with disc system
  • Two contra-rotating roller brushes save water. Integrated sweeping attachment makes manual sweeping unnecessary.
Four batteries to choose from
  • Battery types: maintenance-free with 36 V/180 Ah, low-maintenance with 36 V/180 Ah, maintenance-free with 36 V/240 Ah, low-maintenance with 36 V/240 Ah.
EASY Operation
  • Easy and convenient handling.
  • 3 modes for adjusting the brush speed according to customer requirements: POWER, WHISPER and FINE CLEAN
Includes curved squeegee
  • Adjustable contact pressure as required.
Built-in charger
  • Charger always on board - can be recharged anywhere - flexible use - tailored for a long battery operating life

Technical data

Brush working width 20
Working width, vacuuming 33.5
Fresh/dirty water tank (gal) 14 / 14
Max. area performance 13200
Brush speed (rpm) 155
Rated input power (W) 1 x 1100
Weight without battery (lbs) 259
Dimensions (L × W × H) 47 x 21 x 39