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Gehl RS6-34 GEN:3


Gehl RS6-34 Telehandler

The model RS6-34 GEN:3 is built with high quality components for proven performance.

  • Welded box-section boom design for maximum load placement ability.
  • Well-thought-out cylinder design provides one of the fastest cycle times in the industry.
  • Frame leveling feature adjusts 10-degrees to the left and right, for level performance on uneven terrain.
  • Internal wet disc brakes provide excellent braking and long life.
  • Dual-element air filter protects the engine from airborne contaminants, increasing engine performance and longevity.

Operator's Cabin

The RS6-34 GEN:3 Telescopic Handler features a durable operator's compartment to maximize comfort and productivity.

  • 44 cubic-foot cab enclosure provides optimal leg room and a spacious operating environment.
  • ROPS/FOPS canopy is standard equipment; ROPS/FOPS enclosed cab is optional.
  • Virtually 360-degree visibility increases safety and operating accuracy.
  • Deluxe high-back seat maximizes operator comfort. Adjustable suspension seat is optional.
  • Side and rear glass is standard equipment.


In 4 wheel steer the machine turn radius can be as small as 12' 6" for machine positioning on tight job sites.

  • Three steering modes – 4-wheel, 2-wheel and crab – enhance maneuverability and are easily changed by the flip of a switch.
Turning Radius (m) 12'6" (3.8)


The RS6-34 GEN:3 Telescopic Handlers provides the power to get work done effectively and efficiently.

  • Engine shutdown protection feature allows 30-seconds of run time for moving the unit to a safe location for repair.
  • Dana three-speed power-shift transmission is easy to maintain.
  • Limited-slip differential in the front axle provides additional traction in muddy and unimproved surfaces.
Manufacturer Deutz
Model TD 3.6 Tier IV
Power (kW) 74 hp (55)
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr) 20.2 mph (32.5)
Rated Speed 2,300 rpm


The model RS6-34 GEN:3 has the hydraulic system power to get the job done.

  • Dual-function, pilot-assisted joystick is standard equipment.
  • Optional tri-function, pilot-assisted joystick allows the operator to set forktilt and auxiliary function speeds.
  • Auto-leveling feature keeps loads level when raising/lowering the boom.
Pump Type Gear
Total Capacity (L/min) 29 gpm (110)
System Pressure (bar) 3,000 psi (207)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (L) 29 gal. (110)


There is a tool for every job, and the RS6-34 GEN:3 can power them all. Dynattach® Quick-Attach system allows quick attachment changes with unsurpassed ease.

A Carriages – Masonry, framing and standard carriages available in different widths.
B Rotating Carriage – 48” (1219 mm) and 66” (1676 mm) wide.
C Fork Shift - 50" (1270 mm) wide.
D Jib Boom - 5' (1.5 m) with winch and 60' (18.3 m) cable.
E Bucket - Light Material - 76" (1.3 cu.yd)
F Work Platform - 4' x 9.5' - Fork Mounted (requires PWP)
G Carriage - Side Shift 48" wide
H Truss Boom - 8' long
I Auger Drive and 9' - 12' - 18' diameter augers


Plenty of access points and over-sized covers make service and maintenance on the RS6-34 GEN:3 quick and efficient.

  • Over-sized front cover provides easy access to the hydraulic reservoir and hydraulic pressure ports for service and testing.
  • Side-mounted fuel tank with battery access and an additional storage compartment.
  • Lockable rear-side covers located on both sides of the machine slide out of the way to expose the engine for service.
  • Shorter hoses from main valve to boom provide compact hose routing, enhancing serviceability.